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Time Starved? Out of Shape?
Finally, a Science-Based Gym Routine Enables You to Slim Down and Get Fit in Only Two Exercise Sessions a Week!

With just two workouts each week and small changes in your eating habits, you'll shed fat, feel stronger, condition your heart and earn compliments from your primary care physician at your next physical!

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My name is Rick Bramos, and I'm a fitness professional who has made it my specialty to help people who are either very overweight, couch potatoes who haven't exercised in ages or those who feel they can't spare the time needed to get into shape.

If that's you, I don't blame you one bit for trying to start an exercise program and then quickly giving up. Or for feeling too intimidated by a personal trainer or the typical gym atmosphere to even take the first steps in getting started.

The truth is, most trainers, gyms and health club programs cater primarily to folks who are already on the road to fitness. They don't know how to make you feel comfortable with exercising, let alone how to recommend the type of workout that someone like you can actually manage and stick to.

Based on working with thousands of out-of-shape exercise beginners, people carrying 20, 30 or even 100 pounds of extra fat on their bodies and busy, busy, busy, busy individuals, I have created a simplified yet comprehensive exercise program. It requires only two 30-to-55-minute workouts every week. You'll also make minor changes in what and how you eat. Don't call it a "diet" because there is no deprivation involved! With your easy-to-keep-up exercise routine and revised eating habits, you gradually feel better, find your clothes fitting better, have more energy and begin looking slimmer and more healthy.

The Foundations of "2 Days to Fitness"

Reluctant to make a fool of yourself? Concerned about getting sore or injured when you get started? Skeptical that an easy and quick workout system can get results? Read on, because I've listened to all the worries and doubts of people like you and addressed them in the design of my program.

Who you are

You might be young or old, male or female. You have no ambitions as an athlete or a bodybuilder - you're not training for a triathlon or interested in doing whatever it takes to look like an underwear model. You do want to look slimmer, be able to walk uphill or play with your kids or grandkids without getting exhausted and not get scolded by your doctor and family members for being a high heart attack risk.

You want to get into shape easily and quickly and then enjoy the other parts of your full, rich life.

What you need

Most of all, you need to know that you won't feel humiliated, intimidated or overwhelmed when you start an exercise program. With the "2 Days to Fitness" approach, you will not be yelled at, shamed or taunted to work out beyond your capabilities.

I eliminated all exercises performed on the floor because I observed how difficult it can be for overweight or out-of-shape clients to get up off the floor or down onto it. You will not be asked to crawl around on your hands and knees, either, for the same reason. Instead, the "2 Days to Fitness" exercises are performed in comfortable, stable positions.

You also need something simple. Most workout systems are much too complicated, way too time-consuming, hard for the uncoordinated average person and described in jargon that means nothing to you.

In the "2 Days to Fitness" training, any fancy movement that ordinary people may not be able to manage was tossed away. Instead, you'll be taken through a series of large-muscle movements that mimic the basic actions our ancestors repeated in daily manual labor -- squatting, picking things up, pushing things, pulling things -- but in a structured, efficient, easy-to-remember manner.

You also need to feel confident that you're in the hands of someone who isn't trying to sell you on a system that's going to harm you in some way. I have 35 years of professional experience in the fitness industry. I'm a former U.S. Army Athletic Coach, certified by the American Council on Exercise as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, and most importantly I've been engaged in a decades-long, rigorous search for what really works -- safely and supportively -- for folks like you.

Finally, you need something that's scientifically sound and maintainable long-term. Fad diets and fad exercise programs sometimes produce apparent results, but in the end, they lead to high dropout rates and terrible rebounding. Inevitably, the pounds and inches pile back on even worse than before.

The "2 Days to Fitness" system is grounded in research that demonstrates the superior cardiovascular protection achieved from brief periods of intense physical effort, compared to long periods of running, walking, jumping or cycling. As some experts put it, interval training works better than endurance training. This principle makes sense on a common-sense level, too: You're trying to get fit so you can run away from danger, push your car out of the mud if needed and climb the stairs when the elevator breaks down -- not so you can finish the Boston Marathon.

Likewise, the eating recommendations in "2 Days to Fitness" are nutritionally sound and scientifically validated principles on how to achieve the nutrition your body needs without a feeling of starvation or deprivation. It's an eating plan you won't mind remaining on long-term.

Because you need only two "2 Days to Fitness" workout sessions a week to experience results, because the exercise routines don't overstrain you, because the recommended changes in your eating patterns do not make you starve yourself or feel deprived, because I've eliminated the difficult, awkward exercises that can humiliate novices and because you begin feeling better and looking better soon after starting, "2 Days to Fitness" is something people like you can and do stick with.

For proof, view our videos by clicking the button and look at the testimonials in the right column.

How you benefit

With "2 Days to Fitness," you experience these results:

  • Gradual loss of excess body fat
  • Clothes fit better
  • Stronger
  • More flexible
  • Better protection against heart attack and strokes
  • A manageable, efficient exercise routine you can keep up, long-term

Now, let's be honest. You'd probably like your exercise program to melt away the pounds -- to see your weight drop 10, 15 or more pounds the first month and thereafter -- but programs promising this are either a scam or dangerous for your health.

In "2 Days to Fitness" we explain why your scale isn't a reliable measure of the fitness progress you're making. Anyway, unless you're involved in something that literally weighs you in for eligibility, what you really care about is how you look and feel in and out of your clothes -- and that's where the dramatic changes from our program occur.

Remember, "2 Days to Fitness" is a get-fit and stay-fit system that a busy, uncoordinated and out-of-shape person can manage and stick to. I've even taken away all the exercises where beginners might get injured or feel extremely sore afterwards!

Ready To Get Fit And Lose Weight?

Ready to get fit and lose fat from just two workouts a week? Remember you get the whole eye-opening ebook (2Days To Fitness) by Dr. Grisanti and myself that explains why this approach to slimming down and getting into shape works. In addition to the ebook you will have access to the ORIENTATION which includes my first video "Effective Exercise", explaining why we get fat in the first place and what kind of exercise is most appropriate for you. The second video "3Cycle Training" will teach you why this program works so well and prepare you for the exercise videos.

The third video is comprised of more than

30 Videos

30 videos walking you through the very strategically sequenced warm up (Foundation) followed by a presentation of the challenging part of the exercise program (Grunt and Growl Supersets). An explanation of how to perform "Intervals" is next (Grizzly Bear Intervals)

You also will get to download my Eating Formula and my Formula for Success. Every month I will be adding a new core exercise and a variation of the push, pull and leg exercises to add variety to your workout. You will also receive weekly e-mails designed to help you consume all of this information.

All Of This For Only $49.95

You of course get to keep the e-book!

And that's not all. You also receive answers to your questions about eating and exercising in the members-only online forum. You get delicious, healthy-eating recipes. You get motivating members-only articles. And if you want to continue having access to the online videos and the NEW exercises updated every month for reference purposes after your initial membership period, that costs only $9.95 a month and you can cancel anytime.

Sign up today, and 30 days from now you'll be enjoying a slimmer, fitter body and an exercise and eating routine to keep you healthy and in shape for the rest of your life!

How to Sign Up

All you have to do to get started is to click on the signup button below and enter your credit card details. You then get instant access to the "2 Days to Fitness" ebook and the rest of the information I promised you. Everything you need is easy to find, easy to understand and easy to apply.

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Catherine Henderson

"I have been participating in the 2 Days to Fitness program for 6 months. With Rick as my trainer, I have lost 26 lbs. My strength and endurance have also increased. I would not have believed that I would ever look forward to going to the gym, but now I do. After seeing my own results, I now recommend the program to patients who want to lose body fat and improve their overall fitness."
R. M. Tollison, MD

Debbie Williams

"I have worked with Rick and I am a proponent of "burst" training which is the essence of his 2 Day to Fitness program. His workouts challenge the metabolism with short intense bouts of exercise. In this way you only need a couple workouts a week to keep quality muscle. I have seen the results with his clients."
Geoffrey Abrams, DC Life University


"Most of us find exercise to be painful and showing little for the effort. 2 Days to Fitness breaks out of this tired old mold. It is meticulously based in medical science and serves all levels of performance, including elite athletes. Workouts are efficient, refreshing, and leave one looking forward to the next session."
Douglas DeVore, MD


"I've known and admired Rick for a number of years. Our first meeting was when I was looking for a local health club just after I returned from an overseas assignment. Staying in shape is an essential part of my occupation and a lifetime pursuit. Fortunately I found Rick's health club. While many at the club were well versed in working with weights to stay healthy and strong, Rick invariably was several steps ahead of us in his expertise of the entire health spectrum and more than generous to share with all. No doubt he is one of the best fitness trainers in the country. It is great that he continues to share his enhanced expertise with a larger audience through his books and programs. Those looking to improve their health, fitness and looks will find his latest program (2DF) of significant value. I recommend it highly."
JOHN A. MORGAN, JR.,Colonel, United States Air Force - Currently a lead dissertation advisor for doctoral students at a major southeastern university

Gail Kiker

"It takes a while to quit focusing on the scales but Rick and his 2DF program really make sense of the fact that it is not totally about losing weight but losing sizes as fat takes up lots more space on the body than muscle. He keeps reinforcing that we want to keep all of our muscle as it helps burn the fat off. It has worked for me with only 2 workouts a week."
Debbie Williams


"Rick,using your 2DF program I see greater results with half the time I used to spend in the gym. Thanks 2DF!"
Georgia Luquires Greenville SC



"I used to believe that I had to spend hours doing aerobics but 2DF has proven to be more potent at shaping the body and losing dress sizes. The fact is I am getting a better cardio workout, meaning challenging the heart and lungs, with 2DF than with my classes. Rick makes sense of this, that short intense workouts are challenging the body better than long drawn out low intensity ones like walking on the treadmill for hours. Thanks Rick!"
Michelle - Taylors SC